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Matthew Gilligan is a chartered accountant and managing director of Gilligan Rowe and Associates. He has over 20 years' experience as a property investor and developer in Auckland. His extensive knowledge is the basis of all our property analysis.

Nicole Wilson is a protege of Matthew's property development mentoring programme, and it quickly became apparent that she has a knack for spotting profitable deals. She'll be guiding you through the Pathfinder process.

Recent deals purchased by clients

Glen Eden 5-lot
Green Bay 7-lot
Sunnyvale Cashflow
Glen Eden 5-lot

The client was a retired couple wanting to develop-to-trade to generate retirement income. 

The property is 1315m² in Glen Eden zoned Mixed Housing Suburban, backing onto a reserve. Multiple options were modelled and the selected option was to demolish the existing house and build 4 new freestanding homes, achieving a profit of 22-24% or $750,000+. Since purchase, more intensive 5-lot development has been achievable, giving an impressive 26-28% profit or $1.1-1.2million in profit before disposal fees (agent's fees, taxes, GST).

Green Bay 7-lot

The client was an experienced property developer looking for larger-scale 5-10 lot higher-end development sites. 

The combined property is a total of 1833m² zoned Mixed Housing Urban. The rear property was an off-market purchase that was secured through our contacts with local real estate agents, and the agreement was conditional upon also securing the front property that was listed on the market. Multiple development options were considered, and the selected option is a 7-lot development achieving profit of over $2million.

Sunnyvale Cashflow

The clients were a couple looking to grow their 'hold' portfolio with properties that are as close to cashflow-neutral as possible. In addition they wanted a way to manufacture equity to recycle out so they could repeat the process.

The property is 600m zoned Mixed Housing Urban, and it already contained 2 separate 3-bedroom houses. The net yield was 4.7% and by separating the titles at an estimated cost of $30-60,000 they will realise an equity gain of circa $200,000.