The Pathfinder Property Team

Nicole Wilson

Nicole started her property career with years of research (including attending GRA's Property School) culminating in a decision to purchase a development property. Having found a property, prepared a spreadsheet and feeling confident about bidding at auction, she had a quick meeting with Matthew to confirm her numbers. Matthew issued a bet: if the numbers weren't right, Nicole would sign up for the property development mentoring programme he was running at the time. Needless to say the numbers were out, so Nicole signed up and spent the next few years learning about property development. 

In the process of finding, analysing and purchasing her own development sites, it became apparent that Nicole has a knack for numbers, a keen eye for picking out feasible development sites, and a tenacious desire to find the most profitable deals. She built a great rapport with many excellent real estate agents who now assist with insights into property values and new-to-the-market deals. Having become Matthew's trusted development option analyst for GRA clients, and securing some excellent deals, the concept of Pathfinder Property was born. 

Nicole is our Property Researcher and Development Option Analyst, doing the on-the-ground research of the opportunities on (and sometimes off) the market, filtering out the best ones to present to our clients for their consideration. She'll be guiding you through the Pathfinder process. 

Matthew Gilligan

Matthew is a chartered accountant, and has been practising since 1992. He is the Managing Director of Gilligan Rowe and Associates where he heads GRA's specialist property planning division, helping clients build wealth through property and create optimal tax structures. 

Apart from being a leader in the strategic arena, Matthew has deep knowledge of the property market and is an active and seasoned property investor.  He has been involved in this area for over 20 years and has invested in property in Australia, United States and New Zealand. 

A great believer in education and sharing knowledge, Matthew is a well-known speaker on asset planning and property matters. Matthew regularly presents at seminars, including GRA's Property School, and also speaks to various groups such as property investor associations, chambers of commerce, retailers' associations, and builders' associations. 

As part of his commitment to education and helping people prosper, Matthew has written two books, Tax Structures 101 and Property 101. He also writes a regular blog to keep readers up to date with a range of topical issues affecting all New Zealanders who have a goal to be financially successful.