We specialise in subdivisions

In property development, there's safety in numbers

Too many people buy property - especially development property - without a clear idea of the total cost, or what they're likely to gain (if anything). 

Plenty of town planners will provide a subdivision feasibility study, confirming whether a site can be developed. However what they don't look at is whether it SHOULD be developed - will it make any money? Or will you do all that work and end up worse off? Which option is the right one - do you keep the existing house, or start from scratch?

That's where Pathfinder is different. We switch things around and use our knowledge of planning, engineering, and the Unitary Plan to first determine whether a site could likely be developed; then we run the numbers. If it makes a profit, it's worth exploring further with expert consultants in each relevant area. But if it doesn't, there's no point spending money on it!

Don't rely on capital gains - they're not guaranteed. The property development methods we use will create profit in today's market at today's prices. Any capital gains over and above that is a bonus.

The Auckland Unitary Plan has presented many opportunities for property developers, and now home owners and property investors are realising the potential that comes from creating housing in a market with a severe shortage of supply.  That's why Pathfinder Property specialise in finding profitable subdivision sites - by creating housing, you're able to manufacture profit and extract the maximum value out of Auckland land.

Pathfinder Property has a 3-pronged approach to help you make smart property decisions:

1: We Research

We filter the opportunities in the market to cherry-pick the ones that fit your specific targeted criteria and financial goals.

2: We Analyse

We analyse viability, feasibility, and profitability, so you only look at the very best opportunities. We also complete options analysis and scenario planning to help you identify the best use of the property.

3: You Purchase (and Profit!)

You purchase the property of your choice, implement our recommendations, and reap the rewards.

The next steps are up to you - whether you choose to landbank, develop immediately, or you have purchased for another reason entirely. However you're not on your own. We have access to a wide network of experts in all the areas related to property development, and we're happy to introduce you so they can help you through the next stage of the property development process.

What we do:What we DON'T do:
 Help you find development properties that will make you money. Purchase them for you - it's up to you to choose, negotiate and buy the property.
 Provide you with options so you can see the property's full potential. Encourage you to sign up with any suppliers until we determine the best option.
 Recommend our maximum 'safe' purchase price for the property. Receive any fees, kickbacks or incentives from any real estate agents.
 Assist with Due Diligence prior to going unconditional. Make the final choice - we provide the information, you make the decision.
 Introduce you to experts who can assist with undertaking the subdivision.Receive any fees, kickbacks or incentives from these experts.
We are researchers......not real estate agents.